About the Festival

The festival “Roko naktys”, a rock music festival first held in 2003, has become an international phenomenon of rock culture, appreciated by the fans of heavy music in the whole central Europe. “Roko naktys” has been spreading the rebellious spirit of rock for more than ten years. A few years ago, while increasing its repertoire, the festival of rock music has joined forces with the festival of music and entertainment “Galapagai”, but due to the requests of the most loyal fans, in 2014 it was revived as a separate, independent music festival.

“Roko naktys” festival atendees: 

2016 – Epica (NL), Russkaja (AT), Queen Kwong (US), Aistė Skilgevičiūtė ir Skylė (LT), BIX (LT), Soul Stealer (LT), The Pearl Harts (UK), Scarred (LU), Thundertale (LT), Jama & W (LT), AC/DC Tribute.lt (LT), Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu (LT), Wolfsome (LT), Frank Fitts (LT), Sanctimony (LT), Trendkill Method (LV), Harta (LV), Joio (RU), Wild Reason (LT), Local Blood (LT), Sutemon (LT), Fire It Up (LT), Sagittarius (LT), Arcadia Repeats (LT), Ambera (LT), Linchette Marcel (LT), Low Budget Disco Project (LT), Radiatoriai (LT), Silk & Velvet (LT), The Mainroad (LT), Kevin Mancuso (LT/IT).

2015 – Alestorm (UK), Combichrist (US), Private Line (FI), Noenfly (UK), Thundertale (LT), BIX (LT), Freaks on Floor (LT), Soul Stealer (LT), Rebelheart (LT), Awakining Sun (LT), Siela (LT), AC/DC Tribute.lt (LT), Katedra (LT), Stiffer (LT), Monkey Tank (LT), Wild Reason (LT), Sutemon (LT). 

2014 – Eluveitie (CH), Breed77 (UK), Blaze Bayley (UK), BIX (LT), Thundertale (LT), Rebelheart (LT), Soul Stealer (LT), AC/DC Tribute.lt (LT), Katedra (LT), Siela (LT), SBS (LT), Minor Modesty (LT), Relicseed (LV), Elephants From Neptun (EE), Laime Pilniga (LV).